When Tom met Jerry

Years ago, when Jerry* was first dating Tom*, he offered to make them both a cup of tea. He went into Jerry’s kitchen but couldn’t find the tea bags.

“Where are the tea bags?” he asked her.

“In the tin marked curry powder,” she replied.

Of course. How silly.

Time moved on, and Tom and Jerry now have three grown-up children – Milly*, Molly* and Mandy*.

When Tom recently had a mild stroke, Milly sat him down and said: “OK, just in case something happens, what do we need to know about where your important papers are kept?”

“The birth certificates are in the green briefcase marked Madrid,” he began.

Of course. How silly.

Where you keep things might seem obvious to you but isn’t necessarily obvious to anyone else, including your adult children!

Milly, Molly and Mandy now have a two-page list detailing the location of every important document, so they can easily carry out their parents’ wishes as and when they need to.

Have you had that conversation with your adult children?

It’s better to be prepared now rather than waiting until your offspring are in the midst of grief, rummaging through your paperwork, trying to find your Power of Attorney or Trust documentation or Wills.

Imagine having everything listed all in one place! A single private portal that can only be opened with your own secret code.

Introducing Zenplans

With Zenplans, it’s simple to organise, view, add and edit details grouped into four categories:

  • Assets (pensions, property, investments etc.)
  • Debts (mortgage, credit cards and any other borrowing)
  • Daily life (such as utilities, insurance providers and social media accounts, where your various pensions are kept, and who you want to look after the cat in case you can’t)
  • Wishes (your Will and PoA, what you want to happen at your funeral, whether you’d like beneficiaries to continue donate to charities you support, and so on)

Of course, all your personal data is securely protected and you can permit or restrict access to anyone you please. You might choose to share certain parts with me as your financial planner, for example, because one of the things I do is advising on Wills, while your executor will eventually need access to everything.

Here’s an explanatory video:

Lance Baron, founder of Plan 100 says: “We are always trying to add value. We’ve invested in Zenplans on behalf of our clients as we think it’s a really good idea. In fact, I use it myself. It baffles me why people aren’t more open while they have the chance, leaving their adult children to pick up the pieces during probate.”

For further information, ask us about the next 15-minute live webinar with Zenplans. They run them every week.

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*Names changed to protect the innocent

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