The first step is an informal conversation at absolutely no cost to you. We usually hold these meetings via video conference, so it doesn’t matter where you’re based. If it’s more convenient, you are welcome to visit our East Sussex office and meet us in person (we’ll provide tea, coffee and biscuits) or via video call.

This is your chance to tell us about yourself – both the reality of your current financial situation and your dreams about the life you aspire to live.

Based on this information, we will then produce a proposal for how we might work together.

There’s no rush or pressure – it’s a big decision and we understand you might want to consult your family, friends and professional advisers first.

When you decide to go ahead, we’ll produce a full report that includes your detailed personal plan.

We don’t receive any commission from the providers, so you can be sure that our recommendations are unbiased.

What's in your plans?

What your plan includes will depend on what you need.
For example:

  • Financial planning: Devising your strategy
  • Investments: Making your money grow
  • Pensions: Building your pot for the future
  • Estate planning: Reducing the tax-take
  • Will and Lasting Power of Attorney: Getting them set up

You then have the choice of implementing the plan yourself – or you can invite us to do that for you in return for a one-off payment.

Would you like us to manage your plan on an ongoing basis? If yes, your fee will depend on the size of your portfolio – the more money we manage for you, the smaller the percentage you pay. We’ll arrange regular reviews with you to ensure your plan stays on track.

Check our case studies to find out what clients say.