Timeline: Growing like a rocket!

I’m featured in this video, which you might enjoy, although I don’t think Hollywood will come calling for me anytime soon.

As you may know, Timeline are on our investment committee. In January, they announced they already have £4 billion in client Assets Under Management (AUM) after being founded just six years ago by CEO, Abraham Okusanya.

About Timeline’s recent growth

About the Timeline Financial Adviser 3.0 Conference on 16 May where the video was launched and I was teased about my performance by my fellow financial planners.

That said, I would like to take a tiny bit of credit for Timeline’s success, as I played a small part in helping them build the business:

  • I first met Abraham at the Shard in London to discuss this project
  • I was the first adviser to join Timeline
  • My mum was their first client (although the video shows a stock photo – that’s not my mum!)

I’m quietly proud.

Just to amuse you


Lance Baron

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