Making tax returns easier: Our free gift to clients

Filling in your tax return every year is not something that most people look forward to.

Things are changing, but many of us still find that dealing with HMRC is over-complicated. Don’t you wish there was a simpler way?

As investment advisers, we like to make things easy for people. Oil the wheels, you might say. So, as a gift for our clients, we have invested in a product to help.


This tool makes it easy for you to submit your data to HMRC, and their software produces an assessment to see how much tax you owe, or any refund that’s due to you.

According to ZenDesk, 97% of their users report ‘overall happiness’ with the product in the past month. We have tested it with a friendly guinea pig, who also confirms it works fine.

If you are a Plan 100 client – a wise decision, even if we say so ourselves – just give us a call and we will set you up as a ‘gold’ user, absolutely free (it’s worth £60 per tax year).

If you’re not a Plan 100 client – and why wouldn’t you be? – you can give the product a 14-day trial, absolutely free. (Note that 14 days can pass really quickly, so we recommend you don’t start the trial until you have ALL your tax information ready.)

If you’re an accountant who makes money from helping clients with tax returns, don’t worry. This tool is not trying to do you out of business. Your solid accountancy experience is very important for anyone with anything but very simple tax affairs.

We think the tool is most useful for people whose only income comes from pensions, interest and investments, so it’s a good fit with our typical client.

Looking ahead

Even if you are retired, and your only income is from your company pension, your tax code could easily be wrong. It can be the devil’s own job to change it. But with all your income brought together in your personal tax account online this will become easier. It’s not quite here yet – but it is coming soon.

We’re getting closer to the year 2020, when the full range of HMRC services will be available online.

Fictional case study from HMRC


As you can see, there’s not long to go in the HMRC ‘Making Tax Digital’ roadmap (PDF). Note that you can ignore the requirement to file returns quarterly (at least for now) as this has been quietly postponed.

Further reading

For more information about making tax easier, please see our previous article: Why we love HMRC online services

And finally, here’s what HMRC themselves to say about software for tax returns.

Lance Baron

Certified Financial Planner (CFP) based in East Sussex, UK. We support people in Southeast England with more than £500K to invest by building a financial plan that will help them live the life they want… until age 100