Do rich people always have a financial adviser?

The short answer is “maybe”. That said, rich people would do well to have a financial adviser. A financial adviser helps people get rich and stay rich. We also provide peace of mind.

What counts as rich?

Here’s a question to ask yourself: “How much is enough?”

You’ll arrive at a number.

When you know your number, your financial planner can help you achieve it.

If you’re one of our clients, you have probably saved, inherited or won an amount from £250,000 to £2 million. (We’re not the right fit for everyone, and that range is our sweet spot.)

Some people would call £1 million rich. Others would say £1 million isn’t much.

“We have this saying, Christy [Turlington] and I… we don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day.”
Supermodel Linda Evangelista (1990)

According to a study by Dimensional, peace of mind is the benefit that people value most from their financial planner.

What counts as peace of mind?

We like this definition:

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds nought and six, result misery.”
Wilkins Micawber from Charles Dickens’ book David Copperfield

This shows there’s a small margin between peace of mind and stress.

What this means to you

Would you describe yourself as rich? Do you aspire to be? Do you have a financial adviser? Are you looking for one?

We find our clients want more than just a good return on their investment. They also want that elusive emotional quality.

Peace of mind.

And that’s exactly what we give them.

We do lifestyle financial planning. This means that our working relationship focuses as much on feelings as it does on numbers. It’s a consultative process. Our value is in explaining whether ideas are good or bad so clients can relax, sure in the knowledge that their investment is in safe hands.

Interested? Give us a call.

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