They were advised to invest their savings into a wrapper instead, so we opened a Transact account for them in 2002.

“We accept that our capital may go down as well as up, but we’d rather be on the safe side than take a gamble,” explains Jim.

When Jim retired they began drawing a regular income from their investment to supplement their pensions.

Jim says: “Oldies like us don’t want to have to go into town to withdraw money from a building society! Over the years, we’ve made quite a lot of money. Apart from the regular income, we haven’t had to dip into the capital.”

Fast forward to today

Lance has been looking after the Styles’ investments for many years. Trish’s mother was also a client, and he invested her money for about 12 years.

Jim said: “My mother-in-law’s money was here, there, and in various places. Lance sorted it all out and invested it in one wrapper, which worked very well.”

Lance also advised Jim and Trish on estate planning, wills, trusts and inheritance tax. He also helped with probate for Trish’s mother, who died aged 104.

Jim admitted: “Lance has helped all the family. I’m not a great money-man, so I need an expert to talk to. It’s good to know that the grandchildren will do alright – unless we spend it all!”

Each year, Lance visits the couple (now in their 80s) for tea, biscuits, and an annual review. He also sends six-monthly reports, regular emails, and responds quickly to enquiries.

Jim says…

“Lance is amazingly helpful, especially for people who aren’t used to dealing with money. It’s worked very well, and we feel safe and confident. In fact, we can’t praise him enough.”