Before discovering Plan 100, Bertie had problems finding the right financial adviser.

  • His first financial adviser was recommended by a friend. However, she merely sold him an insurance package and didn’t provide any followup
  • The next was recommended by his accountant. This adviser was “alright”, but eventually retired
  • The adviser who inherited the business only saw Bertie once a year, and they didn’t get on well

Put off by these experiences, Bertie tried to manage his own finances, and invested in stocks and shares. “It was a waste of time,” he realised. “I couldn’t look after my financial investments, pensions and savings myself. I was picking numbers out of the dark. Professionals are miles ahead.”

His neighbour recommended Lance Baron who was working at Bluefin at the time, prior to founding Plan 100.

“We have a good relationship,” Bertie says. “The most important thing is personal contact, and Lance understands the level of contact that clients need.”

“He describes his advice and philosophy better than other people, explaining investment and risk in layman’s terms. I feel confident and happy in his philosophy of spreading your investments, staying patient because things may go down but come up again, and that there’s no point in guessing future returns.”

“So that I know what’s going on, he keeps in touch with regular emails, holds regular reviews, and visits once or twice a year. I always feel that he’s behind me, and I can phone him to ask questions anytime.”

Bertie concludes: “Looking after my finances myself was stressful. Now, I feel more relaxed. I am happy to pay his fee for the peace of mind I gain.”

Keeping it in the family

As well as advising Bertie on his investments, Lance also advises his wife, Erica. “She thinks in a different way, and has a lot of questions,” says Bertie. “Lance is always able to answer them.”

Lance also advised Bertie’s mother who had previously been managing her own finances. Bertie explained: “She’d inherited family money. Her portfolio was in banks and oil companies, and had done quite well with good dividend returns. However, much of it was lost in the RBS collapse. Eventually, we had to admit that we didn’t know what we were doing and that holding large quantities of shares in a few companies was too risky. We decided it would be better to put it in the hands of a financial adviser.”

Lance has also helped the family with their wills and a complicated house move – Bertie and Erica bought a new home in Eastbourne where they added a granny annex for Bertie’s late mother. To achieve this, they sold both their own house and hers. “When he couldn’t do the work himself, Lance put me in touch with the people I needed at every stage,” says Bertie.

Bertie’s advice

“As an individual, there’s no way you can be clever or wise enough to know where and how best to invest. You cannot know everything that’s going on, while Lance attends all the latest seminars and keeps up to date. Plan 100 has been fine for me and my family. I recommend them to you too.”