Personal touch

We’re not a faceless corporation with high fees and low continuity. We’re a boutique firm, which means you’ll talk to the same small team every time.

We’re selective about the number of people we work with, so we can
really get to know each client and their needs.

As you can imagine, this quality of service doesn’t come cheap – but we’re a lot less pricey than the big firms, and depending on our advice is a lot less risky than attempting to manage your money yourself.

Most clients stay with us for life, and many recommend us to their
family and friends. If they’re happy, it’s a good sign that you will be too.

Two-pronged approach

We look at financial planning from two angles: Emotional and rational.

Right brain: Money is an emotive subject. We look at behavioural psychology which tells us how human beings are likely to react, and tailor our recommendations accordingly. For example, there’s often a temptation to sell your investments when the markets are low, and we work to reassure you why that’s a bad idea.

Left brain: Research evidence shows that investments get the best results when you pick diversified low-cost funds in the first place, and leave them untouched for the long term which balances out the natural volatility of the market. Our considered approach means you can relax
without checking the stock market every day.

Communications with a twist

Our plans are explained simply and clearly so you can understand why we recommend what we recommend. And our regular updates are imbued with Lance’s humour and a light touch, to keep you informed without boring you silly.

Professional advice

Our advice is reinforced by professional resources including:


“We were made to feel important… it’s the personal touch that really counted.”

Robyn Hunter

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