Lance Baron CFPᵀᴹ Chartered FCSI (Financial Planning)
Chartered Wealth Manager

Financial planning for the life you want

Living well means following your dreams… and having the money to afford them.

Are you investing enough now to comfortably achieve what you want in retirement?

Tell us your aspirations, and we’ll build you a financial plan that moves you in the right direction.

What clients say

Lance was brought in to advise on pensions with a former employer and I later took him on in a personal capacity…

I’ve known Lance for at least 10 years now and the only reason I’ve rated him a 4 is 5 for me equals perfection… so I hardly…

I’ve been a client for 14 years now. Lance always has a clear explanation of approach and cash-flow plan, easy to follow…

Will you have enough?
Could you afford it?
What are your dreams?
Are your finances on track?

Plan 100 help you:

  • Decide what you want
  • Plan accordingly
  • Stick with the plan

We’re here to give you the best possible chance of not running out of money when you retire.